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Things Incredibly Happy People Do

When it’s one of those days when it seems like anything you do is the wrong thing, instead of dwelling on what a bad day it is, grab a look at Popsugar’s list of 15 things incredibly happy people do to keep their chins up while the going is rough. A few of the tips are obvious: Get your sleep; don’t compare yourself to others; give yourself a break. But others are slightly surprising, such as building relationships, faking it until you make it and just being honest.

The list is a good start with plenty of things to build on, especially ideas that help you focus on life’s simple joys, like friendship and good relationships — things that money can't buy, but research says matter most. According to reports, it’s actually good friends and mental and physical well-being that matter most when it comes right down to things that make you happiest.

Another strategy for helping yourself worry less is to minimize the things you have to worry about by cutting back on material possessions and concentrating on living with less. If that sounds frightening, begin with baby steps by thinking about how your life could be with less, what you value in life, and choosing what you could give up, right now. Have heart: When you embrace the idea of loving people and using things — rather than loving things — minimizing becomes easier.

One of the bonuses of happiness is that it creates a positive feedback loop, leading to physical and mental benefits, for instance, that make positive emotions easier to achieve. True happiness opens your mind, broadening your awareness of the world and allowing you to become more in tune with the needs of others.
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