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Improve Your Sleep With Exercise

CNN reports that exercise is the best way to improve your sleep. This is important information because a large percentage of the population is impacted by insomnia.

Lack of sleep has many ramifications, from minor to major, depending on your accumulated sleep debt. Short term, lack of sleep tends to have an immediate effect on your mental and emotional states. Over the long term, poor sleep can contribute to a whole host of chronic health problems, from obesity and diabetes to immune problems and an increased risk for cancer. Plus, it raises your risk of accidents and occupational errors.

Fortunately the remedy is simple, and reestablishing a healthy sleep pattern through exercise can provide enormous health benefits. Apart from a more active lifestyle, there are other easy changes that can help you obtain the restful and reinvigorating sleep that your body requires.

The first goal should be creating a sleep environment that is completely free of light. Blackout drapes are an excellent starting point. I highly recommend investing in a pair of blue blocker sunglasses. I call them reverse sunglasses and wear them in most commercial buildings. Artificial blue light should be avoided at all times and these affordable glasses reduce the harmful impact of high intensity and LED lighting.

A few other easy to implement tweaks are avoiding alcohol, caffeine and other drugs including nicotine for several hours before bed. I also recommend keeping the temperature in your bedroom below 70 degrees F. Rejuvenating sleep is one of the fundamental foundations of health, but for millions it is a challenge. 

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