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Can People ‘Sniff’ Out Illness in Others?

A fascinating study shows that humans may use their noses more than they thought to “sniff” out and detect illness in others. According to WebMD, researchers found that the human brain uses multiple senses, including smell, to help you make social decisions that ultimately help you avoid immune system dangers.

If only it were as easy as a sniff to detect illness at the earliest possible moment! Almost rivaling a Star Trek tricorder, which could diagnose illnesses with a single swipe, it would be an exceptional advance in science if we could learn to utilize our noses similarly, especially since over half of U.S. citizens suffer from chronic illness.

Noses and tricorders aside, right now the best early detector we have is our own sensibility when it comes to choosing what we eat and how we take control of our own health, as the current health care system is dependent upon a pharmaceutical economy and invasive surgeries without much attention paid to healthy living choices and preventive care.

I promote integrative medicine, as it offers a combination of conventional medicine and complementary or alternative therapies while our current system does the exact opposite. You can begin with my updated nutrition plan, which includes a food pyramid that is almost the inverse of the USDA’s.

My optimized food plan is based on nutritional science, and one of the “master keys” is to EAT REAL FOOD. My plan is divided into two levels, for beginners and those already on a real food diet. It even addresses the needs of those with serious medical conditions, who are looking for more extensive measures to promote healing and health.
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