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Tiger Woods: Asleep at the Wheel, Arrested for DUI but No Alcohol in His Body

Probably everyone in the world has heard by now that golf pro Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence after failing sobriety tests — only to blow a 0.000 on a Breathalyzer, meaning there was no alcohol in his body. According to The Atlantic, Woods was found stopped on the side of a road, asleep with his car running. When police woke him, he admitted taking “several prescriptions” for back problems and later told media outlets he didn’t realize how severely the mix of medications could affect him.

Titillating as it is to hear about celebrities in trouble with the law, the shocking truth is it could happen to anyone on prescription pain pills or any number of other drugs, from antidepressants to antibiotics, especially when you take a number of prescriptions together. Your first thought may be, “But my doctor gave these to me!” The harsh reality, though, is that too often doctors not only prescribe drugs that can be dangerous when taken together, but pharmacies knowingly fill them.

In a Chicago Tribune investigation of 255 U.S. pharmacies, it turned out that filling dangerous drug combinations is an "industry-wide failure." Among individual pharmacy chains tested, CVS fared the worst, with 63 percent dispensing dangerous drug combinations with no warning to patients. Walgreens ranked the best, but at a 30 percent failure rate still had much room for improvement.

While what they’re doing is unconscionable, the real problem is addressing the reason why so many people are taking so many drugs. Statistics show the average American adult took nearly 13 prescription drugs in 2015; seniors (aged 65 and over) took even more — as many as 27 —while U.S. children took an average of four prescriptions each.

Since a huge proportion of these drugs are pain killers, with health risks that include addiction and overdose, the real answer must be seeking non-drug solutions for pain relief, whether you are an everyday American or Tiger Woods. If you need help, please try one or more of the following to alleviate your pain before you resort to pain pills. They are all things that can help with inflammation and/or pain management.

  1. Eliminate or radically reduce most grains and sugars from your diet
  2. Take a high-quality, animal-based omega-3 fat
  3. Medical cannabis, which has a long history as a natural analgesic
  4. Optimize your production of vitamin D
  5. Try the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a drug-free approach for pain management of all kinds
  6. Try K-Laser Class 4 Laser Therapy
  7. Chiropractic care
  8. Yoga, Foundation Training, acupuncture, exercise and meditation
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