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Drinking Diet Beverages During Pregnancy Linked to Child Obesity, NIH Study Suggests

A new study on child and human development suggests that drinking diet beverages during pregnancy can contribute to a child’s propensity to be overweight, the National Institutes of Health reports. The study looked at women with gestational diabetes who drank at least one artificially sweetened beverage a day. The children were also 60 percent more likely to have a high birth weight, compared to those born to mothers who never drank diet beverages.

Time and again, artificial sweeteners have proven to be disasters when it comes to being part of anyone’s diet. Aspartame, which is one of the main artificial sweeteners, has already been associated with greater glucose intolerance in people with obesity, and has shown to actually increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 67 percent and the risk of metabolic syndrome 36 percent.

Glucose intolerance is a condition in which your body loses its ability to cope with high amounts of sugar, and it's a well-known precursor to type 2 diabetes. It also plays a role in obesity, because the excess sugar in your blood ends up being stored in your fat cells. This means obese individuals who use aspartame may have higher blood sugar levels, which in turn will raise insulin levels, leading to related weight gain, inflammation and an increased risk of diabetes.

If you need something to sweeten your foods or beverages, avoiding sucralose — brand name, Splenda — is also important. The bottom line is, although artificial sweeteners give you a sweet taste, it’s clear they aren’t good for you. So, when a sweets craving strikes, try something naturally sour instead, such as adding a lemon or lime to water. Try Stevia added to organic black coffee or tea if you must have something sweet.

I also recommend addressing your cravings on an emotional level. Turbo Tapping, which is a version of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is specifically suited to help eliminate sweet cravings and it can be done virtually anywhere, anytime a craving strikes.
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