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Higher Heart Disease Risk Persists for Low-Income Populations

When it comes to reducing heart disease, the U.S. health care system seems to have missed the target with low-income individuals, who are more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease than high-income Americans, according to Modern Healthcare. When other factors such as smoking status were included, the research found that low-income individuals were also more likely to smoke and to have both high blood pressure and diabetes.

If ever there were a case for stressing the need for good dietary education among everyone, regardless of income, this is one, beginning with something you’re not going to learn from mainstream medicine. And that is the fact that it’s insulin, not cholesterol, that is the true culprit in heart disease.

Not only that, by themselves, total cholesterol and LDL are virtually useless predictors for cardiovascular disease. However, elevated LDL may be a good marker for insulin resistance, and actually is your best predictor of insulin sensitivity. To this end, according to Dr. Thomas Dayspring, a lipidologist (expert on cholesterol), most heart attacks are due to insulin resistance.

Recent research has shown that two specific metrics — circulating adiponectin and macrophages — can with near 100 percent accuracy predict your obese phenotype, meaning whether you're obese insulin sensitive or obese insulin resistant. This is where your diet comes into play. What you eat tends to be a primary deal-maker or deal-breaker, along with genetics, stress, sedentary behavior and whether you exercise or not, and your smoking status.

If you want to follow a heart-healthy diet that will also address your insulin sensitivity, begin by dramatically reducing your net carbs and eliminating processed fructose, and then replace the lost calories with higher amounts of healthy fats, not protein. My new book, “Fat for Fuel,” details strategies on how you can do this.
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