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Why Dancing Is Good for Your Health

If the sound of music inspires you to get up and dance, then go ahead: Dance, and then dance some more. As reported by CNN Health, dancing not only is an exercise you can do without going to a gym, but is actually good for your mind, body and spirit in many different ways. It also helps with balance and coordination, which can help prevent falls in the elderly.

This great story emphasizes the importance of the variety of strategies you can use just to get moving. Peak muscle mass occurs, on average, sometime during your early 40s. After this, your muscle mass will begin to gradually decline, eventually leading to changes in your mobility, strength and ability to live independently, so I support whatever will help you avoid losing muscle mass and strength — and if dancing is what gets you moving, then more power to you!

If you need encouragement as to how this helps, consider this Mayo Clinic study involving 72 sedentary people aged either 30 or younger or 64 and over, where three types of exercise were pitted against each other and a non-exercising control group, to determine if different types of exercise work better than others to protect aging muscles. The clear winner was the group that engaged in 12 weeks of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

If you’re not strong enough to engage in HIIT right away, the good news is there’s a suitable form of exercise for everyone, even beginners who haven’t engaged in movement in a long time. If you’re frail or even severely obese, you can start with seated exercises — including “chair” dancing — that can get you moving and strong enough and inspired to work your way in steps to more challenging movements. Remember, walking is also always an option.
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