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Many Operations Could Be Unnecessary, Says Leading Surgeon

A leading British orthopedic surgeon has charged that many unnecessary surgeries occur every year, which achieve good results only because of what’s known as the “placebo effect.” In other words, the surgery is a success simply because people expected a good outcome, according to The Guardian. Shoulder and knee surgeries, and certain endometrial and vertebral procedures were cited as most suspect.

Tens of thousands of patients undergo unnecessary surgery every year, and there are multiple reasons why unnecessary surgeries take place. In some cases they’re the result of criminal acts, in which surgeons intentionally prey on patients, performing surgeries even though they know they are not medically justified. But in other cases, a health care provider may believe surgery is the only option, even when the success rates are minimal and better nonsurgical treatment options exist.

A placebo effect may take place with surgery, injections, pills or any other type of medical treatment. While scientists can't determine how they work, it’s been found that some placebo treatments just work better than others. For example, placebo surgery works better than placebo injections.

If you’re considering surgery, it’s always good to get a second opinion — or more. The other key is to be proactive and start pursuing a healthy lifestyle today so you don't become a victim of an unnecessary medical procedure. I’ve compiled my best tips for being proactive in using a healthy lifestyle to support and protect your health in my nutrition plan, so if illness or injury does occur, your body can work to heal itself without the need for unnecessary surgery, drugs or other invasive medical procedures.
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