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Milk Prompts Recall of Chef Boyardee, Other Pastas

A failure to properly label their products has result in Conagra recalling 717,338 pounds of spaghetti and meatballs, including Chef Boyardee, according to CNN Health. The recall occurred after an ingredient supplier notified Conagra that bread crumbs used in the products included milk — an allergen for many consumers including children.

It’s unfortunate that a major food corporation is in this position, but I can’t help but point out this is a major reason why we should just ditch processed foods altogether and eat fresh, wholesome products that we cook ourselves. Aside from hidden allergens, processed foods are laden with sugars and artificial flavors, colors and other ingredients that really shouldn’t even be classified as food.

What’s worse, an astonishing 60 percent of the food Americans eat is what we call ULTRA-processed, and these foods account for 90 percent of the added sugar consumption in the U.S. Examples of ultra-processed foods include breakfast cereals, pizza, soda, chips and other salty/sweet/savory snacks, packaged baked goods, microwaveable frozen meals, instant soups and sauces.

A major part of the problem is that so few people take the time to cook their own meals anymore. But relying on a "gas station diet" of ultra-processed foods is a recipe for insulin resistance, obesity and related diseases that will ultimately cost you a fortune in medical bills and shorten your lifespan.

“Good” foods include omega-3 fats, raw nuts and seeds, veggies and wild-caught salmon, along with organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed, pasture-raised meats, poultry and eggs.
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