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Spirulina: One of the Best Protein Sources You Probably Aren’t Eating

An algae sold in powder form, spirulina is a hidden source of protein, with 4 grams in just 1 tablespoon, according to Popsugar. Many people use it in smoothies, but others opt to take it in pill form, as it does have a unique taste.

This seems like the perfect time to discuss smoothies, which are energy-laden, healthful juiced drinks you can make with all kinds of ingredients, including spirulina. Spirulina is so nutritionally dense that NASA and The European Space Agency are researching the benefits of incorporating it into astronauts’ diets on spaceships and on Mars. Plus, it shows promise for fighting a wide variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, HIV, allergies and more.

That said, because spirulina can have a rather strong taste, mixing it in a smoothie is a great way to introduce yourself to it. Overall, vegetable juicing is a powerful tool for enhancing your health, whether done daily or as part of a regular detoxification plan. Smoothies also can be a great meal substitute, as they’re delicious, easy to make and healthy. It’s the blending together of various organic ingredients such as vegetables, seeds and dairy that makes smoothies special.

Some will argue that consuming more veggies than you could normally chew is unnecessary, but when you consider how nutrient levels in most foods have dramatically decreased since the introduction of mechanized farming in 1925, juicing really makes sense.

When you drink fresh, live juice, it's almost like receiving an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes because they go straight into your body without needing to be broken down. Since juicing is essentially "mainlining" live nutrients, it's no surprise it can produce rapid and profound health benefits.
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