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Warning Over 'Dangerous' Fidget Spinners as 300 Are Seized

The latest kids’ craze is the fidget spinner, a toy that spins and twirls, often with sparkling lights that go on and off. Unfortunately, according to Daily Mail, not everything about them is as fun as it appears. Safety officials say they contain choking hazards, sharp-edged blades and LED lights with batteries that could cause harm if ingested.

It’s always disappointing when you find something you really like can harm you. What’s worse is if manufacturers refuse to change their products to make them safer once it’s learned there’s something wrong with them. This fidget spinner conundrum reminds me of the phthalate fights that the largest publicly held gas and oil company, ExxonMobil, is carrying on to keep phthalates in everyday products such as toys, flooring and shower curtains.

Phthalates are proven endocrine disruptors, linked to cancers, asthma, neurodevelopmental issues, lower IQ, behavior issues and more. Yet, despite the fact that the Consumer Products Safety Commission recommended banning eight phthalates from children’s toys in 2014, the agency hasn’t finalized their ruling.

Meanwhile, ExxonMobil continues to insist the product produces no harm and has been working hard to reverse the committee decision. This means this pervasive endocrine disrupter has remained prevalent in personal care products and regular household cleaners. For now, anything you can do to reduce your and your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals is a move in the right direction. Avoid plastic containers and food wraps. Don’t give your children plastic toys. Read labels on personal care products and cleaning solutions and don’t purchase those containing phthalates.
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