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Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Green Tea?

Green tea is acclaimed for its health properties, from reducing cancer risk to helping with weight loss to boosting metabolism. Many researchers suggest that one to three teacups — not mugs — of green tea will give you the most benefit, while others suggest downing up to 10 cups a day. But is that good advice? According to Popsugar, too much green tea can interfere with your absorption of iron and folic acid — something that pregnant moms especially should be aware of.

This is a good time to mention that, unless you’re under a physician’s care, sometimes it’s best to take any good thing in moderation. That said, green tea contains incredibly potent antioxidants, including the most prevalent and powerful catechin known. One remarkable benefit of green tea is its ability to lower damage from inflammation, including DNA damage.

If you’re going to add green tea to your diet, remember that even with the best processed leaves, water temperature and steeping time are important for getting the most out of a good green tea. Go with loose leaves as opposed to tea bags —a ratio of 4 teaspoons of tea for every 4 cups of water.

And the hotter the water, the more antioxidants you can expect to benefit your body. Aim for brewing water in 80 degrees C, or 176 degrees F. Also know that adding milk can diminish the potency of some of the antioxidants, while adding a spritz of lemon can boost the green tea benefits and increases the catechins for better absorption by five times. And sip away!
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