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Severity of Mother’s Obesity Directly Linked to Frequency of Birth Defects

If you are obese and pregnant you are not only placing your own health at serious risk. CNN reports a mother’s obesity is directly linked to the frequency and severity of birth defects. 

This is no surprise. Obese people are generally at risk of developing life-threatening complications and diseases. Furthermore, an obese woman going through a pregnancy can develop additional complications apart from the ones normally associated with obesity, which ultimately affects the health of the fetus as well.

The silver lining is that obesity is a condition that can, in most cases, be addressed through lifestyle changes. A huge contributor of excess weight is poor dietary choices. You will have to eliminate foods that are bad for your health, especially those that are high in sugar and trans fat, from your diet. 

The core components of a healthy diet are whole and nourishing foods that have been sustainably sourced. You should not consume any processed foods. Fermented foods are also extremely beneficial and the more variety the better.  

A final important step is to boost your consumption of healthy fats and optimize your omega-3 levels.  For more information, I recommend my free nutrition plan, which starts at the beginner phase and systematically guides you step-by-step to the advanced level. Preparing your own food may sound time consuming but the health benefits are immense. The convenience and price of processed food is entirely illusory. You can either pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.
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