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10-Year-old Texas Schoolboy Invents Device to Stop Babies Dying in Hot Cars

A schoolboy who decided that something needed to be done about children dying in hot cars has invented a device that blows air into a car when it gets too hot, and that sends alerts to parents and emergency services, The Independent reports. The fifth grader’s father said the young man “is fascinated with making things.”

It’s always fun to hear about a young person with an imagination and great ideas, and this schoolboy’s idea is certainly worthy of notice. Since it’s summertime, you might be wondering what you can do to give your children a boost from boredom, even if it doesn’t involve a life-changing invention. Begin by encouraging them to spend time outdoors — an activity that in and of itself boosts creativity and improves mood.

With risks and challenges of childhood obesity rising, it’s important to know that even small bursts of exercise can give kids more energy and other health benefits. In fact, studies show that ultimately school children benefit from improved reading and math test scores when exercise is incorporated into their daily activities.

Green spaces, or just being outside where trees, grass and plants abound, also help improve memory and decrease inattentiveness. Spending time in nature also helps improve focus and fosters creativity — one study found walking increased 81 percent of participants' creativity, but walking outside produced "the most novel and highest quality analogies.”

Exercising outside, or “green exercise,” for as little as five minutes also showed measurable improvements in mood and self-esteem. In addition to boosting your mood, outdoor exercise can be more challenging, whether you walk, jog or cycle.
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