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Forgetting Things Could Actually Be Making You Smarter

If you get uptight because you forget things now and then, it’s not really something to worry about, according to Science Alert. Scientists studying the brain’s operation now believe that the brain deliberately filters out memories, possibly to make room for new things, or to simply make complex thinking and decision-making easier in the long run.

It’s refreshing to know that science is showing that forgetting somebody’s name or where you put your keys isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re on the road to dementia or, worse, Alzheimer’s. It’s also fun to know a technique called Memory Palace, or Method of Loci, can help you improve your short-term recall, if you feel you’re forgetting a few too many things.

Research shows anyone can become a memory master using the Memory Palace techniques, which work by engaging your spatial and visual memory to memorize lists, items, names and numbers.

But did you know that something as simple as laughter can also help improve your memory? Aside from being a great mood-booster that is both physiologically and emotionally healthy, laughter has been shown to improve memory by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

And, if you need another reason to get up from seat and just start moving, the other good news is that overwhelming evidence shows that exercise produces large cognitive gains and helps fight dementia. Add to that a diet that decreases inflammation (think: no sugars, wheat, refined carbs) and includes plenty of healthy fats, and you have a perfect recipe for brain and memory health.

Other strategies that can help improve your memory include mnemonic devices, learning a new language, meditation, certain music and smells and various brain-training programs, games and puzzles.
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