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Want to Stay Young Longer? Science Says This Exercise Makes Your Body Act Like It's 9 Years Younger

If you were looking for another way to feel younger, Inc. reports that researchers at Brigham Young University have discovered an exercise that could make you feel as many as nine years younger. Their study shows that 30 minutes of jogging for women, or 40 minutes for men, five days a week works — but so does high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which takes less time but produces the same effect.

This is a huge affirmation for HIIT, which not only can help you at any age, but also leads to significant changes in genes that influence mitochondrial health in muscle cells. HIIT also improves age-related decline in muscle mitochondria, an effect that is particularly pronounced in older exercisers. If you ignore age-related muscle loss, it can easily progress into a health crisis characterized not only by reduced strength but also by accelerated aging and increased risk of chronic diseases.

But, time and again, it’s been shown that you can reap incredible benefits from HIIT. One of the major advantages that I'm sure most of you will love is that they can be done in just 20 minutes. Take note that in those 20 minutes, 75 percent will be spent on warming up, recovering, or cooling down – this means you're working out intensely only for four minutes, and that's pretty amazing.

To do it, you warm up for three minutes; exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds; recover for 90 seconds; then repeat the high-intensity exercise and recovery seven more times. One way to help maximize the benefits of HIIT is to incorporate variable-intensity interval training (VIIT) into your routine. VIIT traditionally consists of low-, medium- and high-intensity segments that can include a wide variety of exercises ranging from agility and strength to high-intensity functional movements.
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