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Better Bedfellows: How Mattress Manufacturers Are Stopping the Waste

A recycling program that you may not have thought about before now has begun in partnership with a mattress manufacturer, The Guardian reports. Instead of throwing old mattresses into landfills, Australia mattress maker Joyce Foam Products has teamed up with a recycling service that will pick up old mattresses and break them down into parts that can be reused. From foam to coils, the project annually will save thousands of tons of product from going to landfills.

This is an exciting prospect that really should be adopted worldwide as we all work together to save our Earth from the growing amount of trash pollution. From clothes to cars to organic waste, we need to do this if we’re going to be good stewards of the Earth.

Some of the surprising recycling mistakes people make every day include failing to properly dispose of plastic bag(s which should not be in your regular recycling bin); putting recyclables in enclosed trash bags where they can’t be discerned as recyclable; throwing greasy, wet or food-soiled items in the recycling container; and trying to recycle things that can’t be recycled, such as propane tanks and bowling balls.

When it comes to things that are hard on the environment, clothes and plastics are everywhere on the list, choking our rivers and oceans, as well as landfills. Besides taking up space, discarded clothes are full of microfibers that add to plastic pollution.

Something else we don’t usually think of is organic waste, including food and yard waste, which happen to make up the largest share of U.S. trash — while it may seem like a banana peel here and pile of spoiled greens there would do little in the way of environmental harm, food waste is actually the second largest component of waste sent to U.S. landfills.

The good news we can be part of the trash pollution solution. Learning to compost in your own backyard is a beginning. When shopping, use reusable bags. Use glass dishes instead of disposables. Use glass instead of plastic for storage. Make do with less: Do you really need that new outfit? Support legislation to manage waste, and recycle whatever you can, whenever you can.
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