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Humans Show No Sign of a Maximum Age Limit, Says New Study

In what some may say is the best news of the day, a new study suggests that humans may have no lifespan age limit. According to Science Alert, this study is a response to a different study that claimed the opposite: that there is a limit to the human lifespan. So, which is it? The researchers admit it all has to do with how you crunch the numbers, and that no one really knows the answer.

While scientists are busy crunching those numbers, there are a few things we can learn about how you can live a longer, better life by looking at a few hundred folks over the age of 100 in Sardinia, Wales. It turns out these centenarians don’t even feel their chronological age; on average, they report feeling 20 years younger. They also tend to have positive attitudes, optimism, a zest for life and a good sense of humor. As cheerfully noted by one of them, the secret to living to 100 is to "not die before then."

I’m also certain this positive outlook and sense of humor can be contagious if you just allow yourself the uplift. Consistently, centenarians speak of attitudes like this when talking about why they’ve lived so long. And every time, positive attitude, gratitude and an appreciation for living are at the tops of their long-life lists.

Maintaining strong, positive relationships, focusing on fond memories and living in the moment also highlights centenarians’ frames of mind. Volunteering and having a sense of purpose and productivity scored highly, too. And what words of wisdom do centenarians have to offer to those with less life experience? Be independent but don’t be reluctant to ask for help; behave well to other people; and — as one centenarian put it with a smile, keep right on to the end of the road.
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