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Hemorrhoids: Dangers, Treatments and Prevention

Hemorrhoids are embarrassing rectal protrusions that over half of us have by age 50, and they’re not just a modern disease — history reports that not only did Napoleon have them, but Hippocrates even pioneered some of the surgical techniques to repair them, according to CNN Health. But, “normal” as they are, you don’t have to suffer from them, and with proper food choices, may even be able to prevent them.

This is true of many chronic diseases. From diabetes to fatty liver, heart problems and even cancer, good food choices not only can help prevent diseases, but often can treat or even cure them. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, preventable chronic diseases are now the world's biggest killers. And the combination of eating nutrient-deficient foods and being over-exposed to toxins is at the core of our current health crisis.

This is where consuming greater amounts of vegetable and fruit nutrients in the form of a high fiber diet comes in. To boost your fiber, eat more vegetables, nuts and seeds. Organic whole husk psyllium is a great source, as are fermented vegetables, which are essentially fiber preloaded with beneficial bacteria.

One way to get more than you could normally chew is through juicing and, in fact, vegetable juicing is a powerful tool for enhancing your health, whether done daily or as part of a regular detoxification plan. A good juicing plan not only makes it easier to consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables, but gives you an opportunity to add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet, while helping you absorb all the nutrients from the foods you juice.
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