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What a Hunter-Gatherer Diet Does to the Body in Just Three Days

A recent CNN report demonstrates how huge of an impact diet has on your gut microbiome. The author of the report spent three days with the Hadza people, who are noted for the diversity of their microbiome.  The author’s gut flora was mapped before and after the trip. To make full use of the opportunity, he was expected to participate in their activities and to avoid sterilization products containing alcohol. 

The lifestyle of the Hadza has changed very little over the course of millennia. They eat many of the same plants and animals that were consumed at the dawn of humankind. The diet the author subsisted on included honey with the larvae, porcupine and Kongorobi berries. The staple of the Hadza diet is the baobab fruit. 

Diagnostic testing determined that this paleo lifestyle increased microbial diversity 20 percent in just three days, but these numbers quickly declined after exiting this environment. This study did successfully reiterate that it is possible to replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut. 

Supporting your microbiome isn't very complicated. The first step to optimizing your gut health is to eat plenty of fermented foods. You should also boost your soluble and insoluble fiber intakes by focusing on vegetables and sprouted seeds. Exposures to bacteria and viruses can serve as "natural vaccines" that strengthen your immune system and provide long-lasting immunity against disease.

Today, we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors. And, although keeping the outside out does have its advantages, it has also changed the microbiome of your home. Research shows that opening a window and increasing natural airflow can improve the diversity and health of the microbes in your home, which in turn benefit you.

A final tip is to wash your dishes by hand instead of in the dishwasher. Research has shown that washing your dishes by hand leaves more bacteria on the dishes than dishwashers do, and that eating off these less-than-sterile dishes may actually decrease your risk of allergies by stimulating your immune system.

You will want to avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Make sure you reseed your gut with fermented foods if you do take them. Skip conventionally raised meats: CAFO animals are regularly fed antibiotics as well as genetically engineered grains. Fluoridated and chlorinated water should be avoided. Steer clear of agricultural chemicals such as glyphosate. 

Processed foods are laden with sugar and synthetic ingredients that feed pathogenic bacteria. A healthy diet consists of whole and nourishing foods that have been sustainably sourced. Preparing your own food may sound time-consuming, but the health benefits are immense. For more information, I recommend my free nutrition plan, which starts at the beginner phase and systematically guides you step-by-step to the advanced level.
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