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Fat Freezing Helps Doctors Enhance Physiques, and Their Revenue

It seems like everybody’s looking for a quick fix for eliminating extra pounds, jiggly cellulite and body fat, and now The New York Times has found the latest rage in fat reduction involves freezing your fat cells. The procedure is being done in doctors’ offices across the country, and both men and women are requesting it. As a replacement for liposuction, fat freezing involves a suction machine that cools selected areas of your body from the outside. It may take a few weeks or months to see results, but the FDA-cleared procedure apparently works.

You could say fat freezing is a great idea in theory, but the only healthy solution to getting slimmer is to do it in a way that helps you get and stay fit at the same time — and that isn’t going to happen with freezing or liposuction or any other passive fat treatment. When it comes to losing weight — and keeping it off — your diet is far more important than exercise, although physical movement is the leverage agent that allows you to truly optimize your health and fitness.

One of the keys to long-term weight management is healthy metabolism and mitochondrial function. This means eating in such a way that your body is able to burn fat as its primary fuel rather than sugars (nutritional ketosis). Eating less and paying attention to the timing of your meals (fasting or intermittently fasting and avoiding late-night eating) can also be useful for kick starting your metabolism in the right direction — and ultimately shed fat cells.

That said, diet and exercise complement each other. Research confirms that when you add exercise to a healthier diet, you're typically rewarded with more sustained weight loss over the long term. To that end, I suggest coupling intermittent fasting with Peak Fitness exercise, which utilizes a series of high-intensity interval movements that help maximize the health benefits of exercise while simultaneously being the most efficient and therefore requiring the least amount of time.
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