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Minimalist Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Calmer Today

This article originally appeared on Naturally Savvy Digest

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, which may be why it ends up as one of the most cluttered spaces. From Konmarie to traditional minimalist techniques, simplicity in your home is one of the best ways to create calm and balance in our busy lives. Using these tips, your kitchen can be the anchor of your peaceful home.

Here are five things you can do right now to embrace minimalism and bring lightness into your kitchen.

Create counter space.
Really look at your countertops. What needs to be out? What do you use every day that you always want within arm’s reach? Does just looking your favourite mug invoke a calm feeling? If so, it stays. Would you feel better with the dish soap stashed away underneath the sink? Down it goes. Use a critical eye on everything taking up real estate and don’t be afraid to find a new home for anything that you don’t use or love. Bonus points: Create an under-sink caddy with everything you need for a quick kitchen cleanup.

Scan your cupboards.
Chances are you’ve got a pot you never use, a chipped mug, or some mystery spices hiding away in the far reaches of your cupboards. Bring things you use often to the front while stashing things you keep for special occasions (we’re looking at you, fondue set) in more out-of-the-way places. Bonus points: Group like things together in a storage bin.

Go through your freezer.
We’ve all pulled something out of the freezer and wondered what it was (and when we made it). Take out everything and only put back items you a) can identify, b) have a general idea of how long they’ve been frozen, and c) actually intend to eat. Bonus points: Defrost the freezer and fill all your ice cube trays.

Empty the fridge.
If you have to hunt through your fridge to find what you need, cooking is less than joyful. An organized fridge makes mealtime a breeze, so create zones within your fridge—prepped meals, snacks and leftovers up for grabs, ingredients for planned recipes, etc. While you’re in there, check the expiration dates on all your condiments. Bonus points: Go through what’s on your fridge. Toss magnets you don’t love, and only keep important papers or reminders for upcoming events.

Tackle your table.
From a key collector, to a homework station, to even the occasional meal, the kitchen table sees a lot of action. If you like having a bowl of fruit handy, it makes a great (functional) centerpiece. Clear off books (or stack them neatly in one corner), move keys/headphones to a bowl near the door, keep placemats tucked in a drawer unless it’s mealtime. Bonus points: Swap the fruit bowl for fresh cut flowers.

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