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A Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes Begins Human Trials

Human trials for a Type 1 diabetes vaccine are scheduled to begin in 2018, according to Science Alert. Type 1 diabetes affects children; a vaccine could possibly prevent the disease in hundreds of children a year. Researchers believe the vaccine might also protect against the common cold, meningitis and ear infections. Trial results aren’t expected for nearly a decade.

It’s discouraging to learn that the only answer scientists seem to have for diseases these days is another vaccine, especially since two new studies offer evidence that vaccinated children have more health problems than unvaccinated children. Not only that, the combination of preterm birth with vaccination is associated with a 660 percent increased odds of NDD, suggesting a synergistic effect. This is an important note, as I strongly suspect if the diabetes vaccine comes to fruition, it will be given to infants.

The question is are vaccines truly contributing to the greater good, or are they simply adding new ways for drug companies to make more money on the backs of the most innocent human beings? I believe, before we create one more vaccine, that we need to ensure the safety of as many children as possible by first having an open, rational discussion about vaccine safety.

We also need to evaluate differences in health outcomes among highly vaccinated and unvaccinated children, which could shed light on the vaccine safety conversation, as a large-scale, well-designed study has never been done.

Comparing health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children could go a long way in determining what role vaccines play in learning and developmental disabilities, brain damage, allergies, asthma and gut problems, autoimmune diseases and chronic infections.
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