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Merck-Sponsored Vaccine Doctor Bashes Supplements and Homeopathic Products

In his latest blog in The Daily Beast, Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), continues his ongoing crusade against supplements, homeopathic remedies and all things that don’t include “real” drugs and chemotherapy. In his diatribe, he urges the FDA to regulate homeopathic products and supplements in the same way it does synthetic drugs and treatments.

Offit, who holds the Merck-endowed vaccine chair at CHOP, is notorious for ignoring the facts about the real dangers of his “real” medicines, while he bashes anything natural or homeopathic. (As you may recall Merck had to cease sales, pay out almost $1 billion and plead guilty to criminal charges over the marketing and sales of its “real” painkiller, Vioxx.) We haven’t heard any comments from Offit on situations like this, while he continues to bash natural products and vitamins, despite the evidence that supplements have an enviable safety profile.

On the other hand, drug overdoses, a majority of which involve some type of opioid — another one of Offit’s “real” drugs — are now the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S. In 2015, 52,404 Americans died from drug overdoses; 33,091 of them involved an opioid and nearly one-third of them, 15,281, were by prescription. Given the numbers, you would think Offit would turn his interests to this REAL death epidemic, caused by his “real” drugs.

Many people believe the drug companies that create and sell these drugs need to be held accountable for America's rapidly escalating drug problem, especially since several companies have been caught lying about the benefits and risks of their drugs. So where is Paul Offit in this fight? If he’s really concerned about the health and safety of the general public, why isn’t he speaking out about all the people dying from these “real” drugs? I suspect we’ll be waiting for that answer ad infinitum.
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