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Using Diet to Counter the Effects of Multiple Sclerosis

In the never-ending search for help for people with multiple sclerosis, a new study shows that a strict diet may be an answer in managing symptoms of the disease. According to CBS News, the diet includes addressing the microbiome of our digestive tract. Patients in the study are following a strict Mediterranean-style diet with no processed foods, dairy or meat, researchers said.

It’s amazing how many studies are finding that the secret to good health is truly in your gut. From Parkinson’s disease to chronic fatigue to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and, now, MS, your gut microbiome is intimately related to your overall health, including your emotions, energy level, mood, neurological conditions and allergies.

Like MS, chronic fatigue syndrome usually causes debilitating symptoms. Sufferers may experience unrelenting fatigue, no matter how much rest they get, along with pain and inflammation throughout the body. Without an ability to pinpoint an exact cause, many physicians in the past attributed the condition to a psychological origin, leaving patients without real hope for improvement. But now we know that both chronic fatigue and IBD can be helped by simply rebuilding your gut microbiome.

A good beginning for rebuilding your microbiome is to follow the same course that the MS study is following and refuse to eat processed foods, sugar/fructose and artificial sweeteners, all of which have been found to negatively alter the gut microbiome. Adding fiber and fermented foods to your diet is also part of the equation of inoculating your gut with a mix of different microorganisms, which will reset your body’s “second brain” and put you on the road to better health.
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