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Illinois Food Freedom: Imagine the Possibilities!

This article originally appeared on Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

Chances are, if you have followed Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s work at all this year, you’ve heard the phrase “Food Freedom” quite a bit. Well, that is because we are super excited about the new freedom the law will give farmers and food entrepreneurs in Illinois!

Illinois Stewardship Alliance worked with bill sponsors Representative Will Guzzardi and Senator David Koehler to pass the bill unanimously through both chambers of the Illinois legislature with support from public health groups. We anticipate that Governor Bruce Rauner will sign it soon, and then it will take effect January 1, 2018.

With the bounties of July harvests overflowing at farmers market stands, we thought it was about time to help you dream up all the tasty possibilities that you might find (or sell!) next year. So, what exactly does this bill do to change current cottage food regulations? Read the full article to learn about all the new possibilities.

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