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Sperm Counts of Western Men Plummeting

The sperm counts of Western men are plunging, according to CNN. In the last 40 years sperm counts have declined over 50 percent. Similar results were found in a 1992 study, but this more recent research confirmed the seriousness of the issue. 

There are a number of explanations for this decline in sperm counts. Gender bending chemicals, electromagnetic fields, bicycling, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, the obesity epidemic and processed foods all contribute to lower sperm counts. Environmental challenges to male fertility are serious but can be addressed. 

Researchers found physically active men had a higher concentration of sperm, semen volume and a higher percentage of sperm with normal morphology. While moderate exercise may help to improve sperm quality, there are other lifestyle choices that may help to enhance the improvements you experience. Infertility is a complex condition that is intimately incorporated the rest of your health. You may improve your sperm quality as you also improve your overall health and wellness.

Sperm quality can be improved by removing your cell phone from your pants pocket. It is also important to eat a whole-food diet, and to avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking. Optimized vitamin D levels have been linked to improved fertility as well. Sperm require a specific temperature to remain active and viable. Avoid wearing tight underwear and tight pants, taking hot showers or baths and sitting in hot tubs. Keep your laptop off your lap as the increased heat from the machine also increases the temperature of your scrotum.
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