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Five Reasons Staying Single Could Actually Improve Your Health

A new study that looked at over 800 studies of single and married people has found that being single isn’t such a bad thing. According to the Independent, there are five things about being single that could improve your health. They include having a wider social circle, being more physically fit, having a more developed individuality, being more generous and embracing and benefiting from your time alone.

Naturally, this report isn’t all-inclusive and doesn’t apply to everyone who is single — especially if you’d rather have a partner in life. But for those who do enjoy their “singlehood,” it’s noteworthy that most of the benefits listed are related to your emotional health. This is significant because it’s been shown that emotionally successful people take control of their lives, are flexible and learn from their mistakes.

Your emotional health is the crux of your quality of life. Your emotional health is also intricately tied to your physical health, such that an emotionally imbalanced person will be at a greater risk of chronic diseases and acute illnesses like colds and flu.

Strategies for avoiding an emotional breakdown include being hopeful, accepting yourself and staying connected with those around you. Also important is remembering to express gratitude for those things in life that make you happy, as well as finding your purpose and meaning by setting goals and working toward them a step at a time. This includes looking at ways to turn failures into something positive. Letting go of rejection, avoiding stewing over problems, and using self-affirmations to boost self-esteem are also helpful.
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