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McDonald’s Employee Shares Some Disturbing Images of a Moldy Ice Cream Machine

A McDonald’s employee who was fired for sharing behind-the-scenes photos of food conditions at the store where he worked has highlighted the unknowns you face whenever you eat out. As featured by Mashable, this particular McDonald’s not only had unsanitary practices going on in the kitchen, but had an ice cream machine with a moldy tray inside.

While one person’s tale isn’t necessarily reflective of every McDonald’s or all other restaurants, it illustrates why it’s important to carefully choose where you eat and what you eat. It goes without saying that when processed foods are involved, you are more likely to be exposed to foodborne health risks. Every day, it seems like you’re hearing about another disease outbreak — many of them affecting not public restaurants, but instead, foods and nutritional products you normally would not suspect.

This is a result of inherent flaws of industrialized animal farming, aka concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). In the U.S. salmonella outbreaks are on the rise, especially with contaminated poultry, eggs and even plant foods. Some surprising food recalls in recent years have included General Mills’ flour, sunflower seeds and Nature Made multivitamins.

Farmed fish is another concern. With 50 percent of the world's seafood comes from fish farms and about 567 aquatic species are currently farmed worldwide, fish farms are now known as the “CAFOs of the sea.”

You can help steer the agricultural industry toward safer, more regenerative systems by supporting your local farmers and choosing fresh, local produce over "cheap" conventional varieties commonly sold in larger grocery chains. Also focus on locally grown foods that are in season, or by growing some of your own. Remember to choose organic, grass-fed/pasture-raised beef, poultry, and dairy, in addition to organic produce. And give up fast food, if for no other reason than it will set you on a path to better health.
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