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Sneaky Tricks That Make Homemade Meals Healthier

One reason people give for not eating healthier by cooking at home is that they don’t HOW to do that. In an article with colorful graphics, Reader’s Digest offers up 10 ways to make cooking at home surprisingly easy and fun, such as using a spiralizer to turn veggies into “zoodles” and cooking rice in coconut oil. However, other suggestions such as cooking in your microwave and giving up butter and potatoes, are questionable at best.


It’s clear that many people find it hard to figure out what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to fats. Here, Reader’s Digest has it spot-on with coconut oil, but appears confused when it lumps cooking oils and butter in the same pot. Clearly, you need to eliminate vegetable oils, which form dangerous high-energy molecules called free radicals that damage everything they contact, including your enzymes, cell membranes and even DNA, while the oil is degrading inside your body.


But butter — which in its perfect form comes raw from free-ranging, grass fed cows — is another story. Butter is a healthy fat, along with olive and avocado oil, as well as flax, sesame and fatty fish. And while cauliflower is always a healthy substitute for mashed potatoes, you don’t necessarily have to give up potatoes if you eat them in the right form. For example, potatoes that have been cooked and then chilled, and even used in potato salad, can be quite healthy.


Also, I never advise anyone to use their microwaves for anything. Better yet, avoid even owning a microwave. If you’re interested in ways to enjoy cooking at home and whipping up delicious recipes, including a tempting dessert I enjoy — macadamia nut fudge — please take a look at my Healthy Recipes section, which will help you plan, prepare and enjoy fun, easy meals at home.


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