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First Hints Parkinson’s Can Be Stopped

A drug normally used to treat Type 2 diabetes may also be helpful in stopping the progression of Parkinson’s disease, BBC reports. Researchers gave the drug to patients for 42 weeks and followed them for a total of 60 weeks. While it showed promise, researchers said they needed longer studies with the drug to determine whether it could be an actual Parkinson’s treatment. They added that it’s also being tested with other brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

As the race to stop debilitating brain diseases goes on, it might be helpful to also keep looking at the very promising findings that connect your gut microbiome to your brain, as well as your overall health. For example, new research has identified how your gut microbiome may impact development of chronic fatigue syndrome and Parkinson’s disease, two distinctly different illnesses.

To put it bluntly, scientists are confirming more and more every day that the impact on your gut flora from antibiotics, toxic chemicals, sugars and other toxic food products is a primary risk factor in the rising rates of disease. In fact, a modern lifestyle is depleting your gut microbiome and raising your risk of developing long-term chronic or fatal illnesses like Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s.

With Parkinson’s, researchers believe it may actually start in the gut and travel to the brain via the vagus nerve, giving them hope that balancing the gut microbiome might help stave off or stop Parkinson’s. Other studies have shown that exposure to certain pesticides may also increase your risk of Parkinson’s, even with very low-level exposure — levels lower than are currently being use. The findings were encouraging enough for scientists to suggest that minimizing your exposure to pesticides — around your home, in your community, and via your diet — is an important way to lower your risk of Parkinson’s.
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