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Copper Moscow Mule Cocktail Mugs Could Give You Food Poisoning

In a move that could affect other states, Iowa has decided to ban the serving of drinks in solid copper mugs — meaning that in Iowa, the Moscow Mule drink you’re used to won’t be served in a copper mug anymore. According to USA Today, high concentrations of copper not only are poisonous, but can cause foodborne illnesses. That’s why FDA rules prohibit copper for serving foods with a pH level below 6.0, which Moscow Mules are “well below.” Fruit juices, wine and even vinegar also fall in that category.

I know part of the glamor of a Moscow Mule is the mug, but my personal preference for a beverage container is glass. Not only is glass the safest substance for drinking or storage, but it doesn’t have to be replaced like plastics, paper or Styrofoam, each of which come with its own safety concerns, such as the endocrine-disrupting chemicals BPA and BPS in plastics. Another problem with these disposables is the litter they cause in our oceans and landfills.

You could argue that most plastic water and soda bottles are made from highly recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET), but the truth remains that most such bottles end up littering oceans and landfills. The most immense waste comes from one-time-use plastic products, which consist mostly of plastic waste filling up our oceans, coastlines and landfills.

And since toxic metal exposures of all sorts, including lead from your tap water, are now at epidemic levels, it makes sense to avoid contamination of any kind, including that copper from the mug your drink comes in. This also calls attention to the absolute necessity of making sure your water is properly filtered, both at the tap and at the incoming source.
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