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Sedative-Free Insomnia Treatment Could Give Sufferers Better Sleep

For some folks a good night’s sleep is such an unattainable dream that, in desperation, they turn to pharmaceutical answers — a method that should be used for only a couple weeks, but often ends up being a long-term dependency. But now, Australian scientists believe they may have a sedative-free technique that involves rebooting a patient’s sleep cycle, 9News reports. The treatment involves sleep deprivation that evolves into progressively longer periods allowed for sleep. During the deprivation period, patients are given a drug to keep them awake during the day while they adjust to their new sleep periods.

While the subjects in this study report satisfactory results, I believe there are other, holistic ways to address chronic insomnia. For example, valerian root has a sedative effect and has a long history of use to promote relaxation and sleep. Studies show it helps improve the speed at which you fall asleep, depth of sleep and sleep quality. Melatonin is another helpful sleep aid, with lower doses being more effective than larger ones.

For chronic insomnia, you need to address foundational causes. Get bright sun exposure during the day, avoid excessive amounts of light and blue light at night, and avoid electromagnetic fields. Foods naturally high in glutamate/glutamic acid that include protein-rich, grass fed meats and dairy, pastured eggs and poultry and wild-caught fish, along with sea vegetables, ripe tomatoes and mushrooms, can also deliver a dietary approach to better sleep.

Other tips and tricks you can use to fall asleep faster include keeping a worry journal and/or gratitude journal to help empty your mind before bed and try counting backward from 300 by threes. Implementing a consistent breath practice can help improve your sleep by easing internal tensions and anxiety that might prevent you from falling asleep. Also avoid caffeine, alcohol and unhealthy fatty foods.
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