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UK Condemned Over ‘Shocking’ Export of Deadly Weedkiller to Poorer Countries

As the Western world slowly wakens to the deadly consequences lethal pesticides can have on humans — and thereby banning uses of certain weedkillers in Europe — Great Britain is taking the low road by exporting those banned products to poor countries outside the European Union (EU). As reported by The Guardian, almost two-thirds of these exports go to developing countries where the banned EU pesticide, paraquat, causes thousands of deaths every year.

This double standard is nothing less than disgusting, especially since the United Nations (UN) are currently calling for a worldwide phase-out of pesticides. Two UN experts have gone so far as to call for a comprehensive global treaty to move food production across the world toward more sustainable agricultural practices — specifically without pesticides. This is desperately important, as substantive research shows that pesticide exposure is linked to infertility, birth defects, endocrine disruption and obesity, reduced IQ, neurological diseases, cancer and many other health and environmental problems.

As far as sustainable farming goes, don’t believe the lie that pesticide makers tell you: Their products are NOT the answer to world hunger. On the contrary, instead of increasing crop yields, genetically-engineered (GE) crops — which need pesticides and herbicides to grow — have only resulted in increased pesticide use. And while this happened, soils have been destroyed; in China alone 20 percent of arable land is now unusable due to pesticide contamination!

Besides paraquat, another pesticide to avoid is glyphosate (aka Roundup), which is heavily applied to GE corn, soybeans and sugar beets. It’s also used to desiccate conventional wheat, a health disaster in and of itself. Disturbingly, glyphosate and Roundup have been linked to an ever-growing array of health effects, resulting in lawsuits against Roundup’s maker, Monsanto. It’s beyond time to accept and embrace the real truth of farming that can and will feed the world without poisoning us: Regenerative farmers everywhere have repeatedly proven they can meet and in many cases outperform conventional methods.
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