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Monsanto Calls for Investigation Into WHO Agency for Ignoring Monsanto-Funded Studies

As the world finally wakens to the carcinogenic risks of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based Roundup, the ag-tech giant is fighting back in the courts, demanding that the World Health Organization (WHO) look at Monsanto’s in-house studies instead of external ones. According to EcoWatch, the so-called “independent” researchers Monsanto wants WHO to listen to have extensive conflicts of interest including receiving funding from, or working for, Monsanto.

With an increasing number of lawsuits popping up alleging Monsanto’s Roundup causes cancer, the company is obviously in the fight of its life and will do anything, including engaging in fraudulent activity, deceptive advertising, and now court action, to protect sales of its weed killer.

Decades ago, Monsanto was able to persuade the EPA to change the classification of glyphosate from a Class C Carcinogen (suggestive carcinogenic potential) to Class E, which means there is evidence of non-carcinogenicity in humans. At the time, the EPA, rather than taking immediate steps to protect Americans from this probable cancer-causing agent, decided to reassess its position on the chemical even though the EPA itself had major conflicts of interest in doing so, including violating its own guidelines by discounting data from studies linking glyphosate to cancer.

Now, Monsanto is trying to strong-arm WHO with similar tactics. But will it work? Hopefully not. In the meantime, eating organic as much as possible and investing in a good water filtration system for your home are among the best ways to lower your exposure to glyphosate and other pesticides. In the case of glyphosate, it’s also wise to avoid desiccated crops like wheat and oats.
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