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Older Dads Have Geeky Sons, Study Says

If you’re socially awkward and overly intellectual, you might be a “geek,” according to a study in Translational Psychiatry. And if you’re on the journal’s “geek index” — high IQ, strong focus, less concern about fitting in with others — you might also have a father who was older than 35 when you were conceived. As reported by CNN Health, the study of 7,781 twins found that males with fathers who were older than 50 at conception were more likely to score 32 percent higher on science, technology, engineering and mathematics tests.

Intriguing as the study is, there are better ways of improving your child’s brain health than calculating the perfect age for conception. For example, exercise, sleep habits and even whether your child is happy in spirit can all contribute to healthy brain function. Sleep, in particular, is vitally important, and establishing good sleep habits early goes a long way toward better performance in school.

When it comes to exercise, of course movement of any type helps, as inactivity in children may lead to poor behavior, poor academic performance and low self-esteem. But I also am a strong advocate of the adoption of standing desks for students once they get into school. Studies have shown that even children who are obese exhibit better academic scores and increased calorie burn when using standing desks.

These desks come with added benefits, too, including the fact that a Stanford University back pain study found that workers using sit-to-stand desks were 78 percent more likely to report a pain-free day — and being pain-free can help you think and perform better mentally, no matter what your age, or what test you’re taking.
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