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‘Selfie’ App Detects Pancreatic Cancer by Measuring Bilirubin Levels in the Eyes

If you’ve got a smartphone and you think you may be at risk for pancreatic cancer, a new app called BiliScreen may be just the thing for you, Medical Daily reports. The app uses the phone’s camera and flash with a 3D printed box to collect photos of your eye when you take a selfie. It then calculates color information from your eye’s sclera. It doesn’t replace an actual blood test, but it can tell you whether you need to see your doctor right away, researchers said.

While it’s exciting to know there’s a new way of finding this deadly cancer before it kills, even more exciting is that there are things you can do to protect yourself before it gets that far. For example, a ketogenic diet has been found to not only work with other therapies as a cancer treatment, but can also help prevent cancer in the first place.

In fact, metabolic therapy, which includes a ketogenic diet, has been shown to prevent and treat many cancers, including “incurable” late-stage cancers — and this is terribly important, as cancer is now Americans’ No. 1 health concern. This is one reason I am convinced cancer is a metabolic disease, not a genetic one, and that ketogenic therapy, which involves restricting net carbs to 50 grams per day and limiting protein, is the truly the only way we will ever win in the cancer war.

If you’ve already been diagnosed and you need treatment for cancer, there is even more good news on the horizon: It’s been found in numerous studies that high-dose vitamin C can help with numerous cancers, including pancreatic.
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