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Can the Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Cause Sterility?

A new study on aspartame shows that rats that ate this artificial sweetener had reduced sperm quality, higher numbers of abnormal sperm and defects in the structure of their testes, reports. Researchers blamed the occurrences on methanol, which is a break-down of the digestive process after consuming aspartame.

As decades of science continue to point to serious health consequences due to aspartame consumption, it only makes sense to stop trying to fool your body into thinking artificial sweeteners are an appropriate substitute for food of any kind, sweet or not. One major problem is that when you consume something that tastes sweet but doesn't contain any calories, your brain's pleasure pathway still gets activated by the sweet taste, but there's nothing to deactivate it, since the calories never arrive.

As a result, consumption of artificially sweetened foods and beverages leads to disruptions to metabolism and, in the end, has been shown to contribute to the very condition you may be trying to prevent by using sweeteners: obesity. The link between aspartame, the most used artificial sweetener worldwide, and weight gain, obesity and other health problems is so strong that some are now calling it one of the greatest consumer frauds of all time.

This may explain why diet foods and drinks have been linked to increased appetite and cravings, as well as an increased risk of diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Found in more than 6,000 products, from diet soda to sugar-free gum, children’s medicines and no-sugar ketchup, some of the health risks linked to aspartame include: cancer; heart disease; metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes, depression, dementia and stroke; and, now, impotence due to the way aspartame breaks down into methyl alcohol, which disrupts the endocrine system.

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