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New Low-Cost Cancer Treatment Could Kill Tumors With Ethanol

A gel containing ethanol has been shown to have a 100 percent cure rate when injected into squamous cell tumors, Futurism reports. The treatment, which works by destroying proteins and fatally dehydrating cells within the tumor, has already been used on a type of liver cancer, and costs less than $5 a treatment. It may also work on cervical lesions and even breast cancers. Researchers are excited because of the promise it holds for people in developing countries, where high-cost, surgical treatments are basically out of reach.

There’s been a lot of exciting news in the cancer treatment field lately, and much of it has to do with low-cost methods that are probably putting Big Pharma in a tizzy with worry that their high-cost, dangerous methods might become obsolete. For example, even if you’re undergoing traditional radiation and chemotherapy, vitamin C has been found to be very toxic to cancer cells, especially when administered intravenously or in liposomal form in high doses.

Another is nutritional ketosis — and oncologists in Turkey have presented evidence showing the combination of these two strategies have the ability to "turbo charge" conventional chemo protocols, making them incredibly effective, and far safer to boot. By using metabolic support strategies such as a ketogenic diet and fasting, a minimal dose of chemotherapy can be used, thereby eliminating many of the side effects and risks of treatment while actually improving outcomes.

This metabolic theory of cancer is something I’ve been studying for quite a while, and I believe it holds tremendous promise in truly ending the war on cancer in a natural, safe — and potentially drug-free — way. Nutritional ketosis is a powerful intervention, but don’t overdo it: You need to have days where you eat more net carbs and more protein, especially with strength training, to prevent sarcopenia that is common in cancer.
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