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Aspirin Offers Tooth Decay ‘Cure’: Drug Helps Rotting Teeth to Self-Repair Cavities

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast say that they’ve found an inexpensive drug in your medicine cabinet that may be just what you need to rid your mouth of cavities. According to Medical Daily, aspirin can enhance the function of stem cells in your teeth and jump start the regeneration of damaged tooth structure. But don’t start swallowing aspirin or grinding it into a paste to apply to your teeth yet — so far scientists have only worked with this in a petri dish; they have yet to figure out an appropriate delivery system.

I agree: Don’t grab the aspirin bottle, now or ever, to “fix” your teeth. Rather, get yourself a jar of organic, virgin coconut oil and enjoy a good swish. Called “oil pulling,” this method of cleaning your teeth and mouth dates back nearly 3,000 years. It’s not only safer than aspirin (which many people are allergic to) but it’s a proven antibacterial that can strengthen your teeth and reduce inflammation in your gums.

Good oral health practices can begin with oil pulling. Simply measure out about a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish the oil around your mouth, using your tongue and cheeks to pull the oil through your teeth. Try to relax your jaw muscles to avoid muscle fatigue. Although you'll want to use it as if it were mouthwash, you don't want to gargle it or swallow the oil you've been pulling. As you swish the oil around your mouth it breaks down bacteria. Both saliva and bacteria become incorporated into the oil, which is why you don't want to swallow the oil as you swish.

As far as coconut oil goes for other uses, if you’ve stayed away from it because you’ve been misled into thinking it’s not healthy, think again. Coconut oil not only is loaded with medium-chain fats that are easily metabolized, but is one of the most versatile oils there are, with many benefits as both a health food and personal-care product.
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