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We’re More Likely to Get Cancer Than to Get Married

If you needed another wakeup call to understand the true implications of cancer risks in the modern world, then take heed: Macmillan Cancer Support UK says 1 in 2 people today will get a cancer diagnosis. In fact, you are more likely to get cancer than to be married or have a first child, The Guardian reports. Worse, once you get that diagnosis, your treatment is far from individualized, and consists mostly of “months of chemotherapy, failed drugs [and] countless appointments,” according to one oncologist.

Cancer is probably the most feared word on Earth. The causes of it are many: some well-known (like smoking) and others fairly well-known but for some reason still being debated (such as glyphosate exposure). But whatever the cause, it’s disheartening that conventional cancer care and treatment have barely moved beyond what they were 50 years ago.

That’s why I’m excited about new metabolic support strategies that are proving successful in situations where they’re being used. For example, a ketogenic diet and fasting coupled with regular chemotherapy is showing huge promise of, first, making a minimal dose of chemotherapy all that’s necessary; and second, ultimately having fewer side effects and risks of treatment.

Most exciting of all is that in using this treatment, stage 4 pancreatic patients — who normally would have a life expectancy of only six months — actually have experienced complete remission with this metabolic approach! It truly shows that nutritional ketosis is a powerful intervention.

Optimizing your body’s ability to burn fat as its primary fuel by eating a ketogenic diet and/or fasting is a foundational aspect of cancer prevention and treatment — and that’s an important focus of my new book, “Fat for Fuel.”
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