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Good News: Forgetfulness Is Actually a Sign of Intelligence

If you worry that little details slip your mind from time to time, then chin up: New research shows that a perfect memory is not necessarily a sign of intelligence. In fact, forgetfulness can be a sign that you may be just a little smarter than the average person. According to MamaMia, researchers said they found that sometimes our brain selectively decides to delete details in favor of remembering the “big picture.”

It’s true that the feared memory disease called Alzheimer’s is expected to triple the number of people affected by it by 2050, and there are things you need to know, now, to determine if you or someone you know might be headed for Alzheimer’s. For example, accumulating research suggest Alzheimer’s may have an infectious component, with the disease being a byproduct of brain’s attempts to fight off infections.

To that end there are lifestyle choices you can make to boost your immune system and lower your risk of disease, beginning with replacing processed foods with real foods, and avoiding sugar and refined fructose.

On a lighter side, research also shows anyone can improve their memory with strategies that boost communication between the memory center and the visual and spatial centers in your brain. With these techniques, you literally train your brain to become a memory master. Essentially, what you’re doing is improving and expanding the connectivity between different centers in your brain with visualization, rhymes and something called “chunking,” in which you break up information into small chunks to make memorizing it easier.

Other strategies that can help improve your memory include learning a new language, meditation, certain music and smells, laughter, exercise and various brain-training programs, games and puzzles.
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