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Security Warning Over Hospital Syringe Pumps

Adding to the world’s woes involving security breaches that can drain your life savings, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that the syringe pumps hospitals use to deliver lifesaving drugs could also be hacked. According to BBC, wireless infusion pumps have eight separate flaws that are vulnerable. So far, there are no known security breaches involving the pumps, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A software update for the pumps is planned for January 2018.

I love new technologies as much as anyone, but I also look at them at arm’s length — especially when it comes to wireless technologies. I’m especially concerned about the very real dangers of electromagnetic interference (EMI) — so-called “dirty electricity” — and microwave radiation from smart meters, smartphones and computer routers in your home.

Specifically, I take issue with the “smart grid” plan to wirelessly connect you to your utility company. Using smart meters, your utility company can both read your usage remotely and even turn on — or off — your power without stepping a foot on your property. Not only that, real-world evidence shows the smart grid has artificially raised energy usage, resulting in thousands of homeowners complaining of ludicrous overcharges.

When you consider the smart grid’s vulnerabilities, which include hacking and ultimate privacy breeches, the fact that electromagnetic frequencies may also be carcinogenic gives you more than enough reason to take precautions to minimalize your exposure to them. For example, using a selfie stick with your phone and disconnecting routers when you’re not using them are two easy things you can do.

In a more hopeful tone, there are other new technologies that offer hope in creating a more sustainable food system. One such device is both portable and wireless, and it allows consumers to test liquid and solid foods for gluten in about two minutes.
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