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AI Can Detect Alzheimer’s 10 Years Before Symptoms Show Up

In the endless quest to find the cause of Alzheimer’s and slow it or even cure it, a team of researchers in Italy believe they’ve come up with an algorithm that allows artificial intelligence (AI) to detect changes caused by the disease in the brain as many as 10 years before symptoms appear. Engadget says the tech-savvy scientists trained their AI with MRI scans from both healthy and Alzheimer’s patients. So far they’ve achieved successes in the 80th percentiles.

We know every minute counts when it comes to Alzheimer’s, a dreaded disease of dementia that has no known cure. And while it’s exciting that AI may one day be able to tell you whether you’re 10 years down the road from getting Alzheimer’s, what’s even more important is learning about what causes it. To that end, accumulating research suggests Alzheimer's disease may have an infectious component, and therefore may be a byproduct of your brain’s attempt to fight off infections.

In addition to viruses, bacteria and fungus, an infectious protein called TDP-43 has also been linked to the disease. But did you know that seniors with severe vitamin D deficiency may have an increased risk for dementia by 125 percent, or that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of all-cause dementia including Alzheimer's disease?

This is because optimal vitamin D levels boost levels of important brain chemicals and protect brain cells by increasing the effectiveness of glial cells in nursing damaged neurons back to health. Fortunately, there are some lifestyle strategies that may boost your immune system health and significantly lower your risk of vitamin deficiencies and your risk of dementia. Diet is part and parcel of a successful prevention plan, and my optimized nutrition plan can set you on the right path in this regard.
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