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Gut Viruses Tied to Potentially Deadly Complication of Bone Marrow Transplant

Up to 60 percent of patients who have undergone bone marrow stem cell transplants suffer from complications known as graft-versus-host-disease (GvHD). According to Medical Xpress GvHD kills about half of those who get it. Usually doctors have no way of knowing who will come down with GvHD, but recent research indicates that a virus hiding in the gut may be the trigger.

Once again, research is pointing toward the gut microbiome as the center of health — and disease. It’s now come to the point that there’s no denying the trillions of bacteria, good and bad, in your gut not only influence, but may even direct both your physical and mental health. An overabundance of certain bacteria has already been linked to several diseases, while other microbes are actively involved in preventing disease.

That’s why it’s ever important to nurture and heal yourself through the fuel you give your body. Foods and chemicals known to produce metabolic dysfunction (such as processed foods, sugar/fructose, and artificial sweeteners) also alter the gut microbiome. This may be a key mechanism by which these foods promote obesity and chronic disease.

While some people believe your gut simply controls your digestion and ultimately your bowel habits, it also helps to know that committing to improving your gut microbiome will help with weight loss, improved mood and even reduce your risk of some cancer. One of the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective ways of improving your gut diversity is to eat fermented foods made with a starter culture and optimizing your vitamin D levels.
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