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Fluoride Exposure in Utero Linked to Lower IQ in Kids, Study Says

In the largest and longest study of the effect of water fluoridation on the developing brain, researchers have found that children exposed to fluoride in utero had noticeable drops in IQ. According to CNN Health, the study was conducted in Mexico, where the water is naturally fluoridated; no similar study has yet been done in the U.S., where 75 percent of public water supplies have fluoride added to them. The American Dental Association dismissed the study as not relevant to American children.

It’s unbelievable that in light of this new information, coupled with what we already know about fluoride’s effect on children — a Harvard study showed American children exposed to fluoride in drinking water had lower IQs by an average of seven points — that the American Dental Association would continue to defend the use of this neurotoxic chemical in our water!

It’s especially disturbing, as we also know that 57 percent of U.S. youth between the ages of 6 and 19 years have dental fluorosis caused by fluoridation! Additionally, new research has found that drinking fluoridated water may be associated with an increased risk of diabetes and thyroid disorders. Yet, public health officials continually dismiss these studies, and stubbornly insist there’s nothing wrong with fluoride, other than the “aesthetic” issue of fluorosis.

The truth is fluoride is the only drug forced on entire population with no control of dosing. When you turn on that tap, you’re filling your glass with a chemical that has cumulative effects on your brain and body. There are more than 100 studies linking fluoride’s harm to the brain alone, not to mention 43 others linking fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children. There’s no question that the risks of fluoridation are scientifically proven: The only question, then, is why won’t the American Dental Association admit it?
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