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How Alcohol Damages Stem Cell DNA and Increases Cancer Risk

The consumption of alcohol is always a controversial topic and a Reuter’s article explored how drinking can damage stem cell DNA. This increases the risk of cancer and puts the dangers of even moderate drinking into perspective. 

If you read the headlines, sometimes it seems that obesity and prescription drug abuse are the only two dangers that we face. The fact is that processed food has taken a huge toll on the collective health of the world, but alcoholism and substance abuse are twin scourges that disproportionately devastate the lives of teens and young adults. 

The danger posed by alcoholism is well documented. A recent study linked alcohol to seven different cancers. It has been implicated in nearly 6 percent of cancer deaths worldwide and this number continues to grow. The American Cancer Society warns that even a few drinks each week can increase your risk of breast cancer. 

The long-term of effects of alcoholism are real, but this does not mean that former drinkers should be resigned to their fate. It is never too late to take control of your health. Lifestyle changes can bring about real improvement in the quality of your life. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an empowering multipurpose tool that works best in conjunction with a nourishing diet free of processed foods and regular exercise.
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