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North Carolina Eye Cancer Cluster Remains a Mystery

A rare eye cancer is appearing with alarming frequency in Huntersville, Alabama, and it is primarily affecting young women. According to WBTV, there is no concrete theory as to why ocular melanoma has hit the Charlotte, North Carolina, suburb but studies are underway to determine if these outbreaks constitute a cancer cluster and what the root cause may be. 

The eyes are said to be a window into the soul but they are also a window into your health. Dozens of diseases and illnesses are known to show symptoms in your eyes, and ophthalmologists and optometrists are often among the first to help you recognize certain medical conditions. Early detection is crucial in the case of ocular melanoma because it is a rare but devastating disease. 

Optimizing your body's ability to burn fat as its primary fuel by eating a ketogenic diet and/or fasting is a foundational aspect of cancer prevention and treatment. Another defensive weapon against cancer is curcumin. Besides giving Indian curries their rich golden color, turmeric contains a polyphenol called curcumin, which has been shown to possess many health benefits, including being a malignancy-fighting powerhouse. Curcumin's health-boosting properties are well-documented and this single compound exhibits more than 150 potentially therapeutic actions.

While turmeric is widely available in powdered form, it contains a very small amount of curcumin, which is known to be poorly absorbed through your gastrointestinal tract. For these reasons, you'll receive more health benefits from a curcumin extract. A typical anticancer dose is up to 3 grams (just under 1 teaspoon) of high-quality bioavailable curcumin extract, taken three to four times a day.
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