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Do People With a High IQ Age More Slowly?

How old do you feel compared to your actual age? Researchers took on this question and found that how young you feel may be an indicator of your IQ level. Based on data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, researchers found that the higher their IQ in their late teens and early 20s, the younger study participants felt in their 70s, Research Digest said. Another factor that played into how young participants felt was their “openness to experience.”

Certainly, how old you feel plays a part in the quality of your aging process and, with that, your approach to age through positive attitudes, optimism, a zest for life and a good sense of humor well into your later years. As a study in Sardinia, which boasts the highest rate of centenarians anywhere in the world, showed, these personality traits, coupled with an active lifestyle, fresh-food diet and a strong social network, helped them live long, satisfying lives.

Interestingly, these are all things you can’t put in a pill — a panacea that the drug industry would love to provide, if ever they were to find a formula that would ensure extended youth beyond our wildest dreams. The good news is that many of the “secrets” to longevity are right at our fingertips. Science clearly shows a cyclical ketogenic diet high in healthy fats and low in net carbs promotes healthy mitochondrial function, which in turn can help you live a longer life.

Research also shows you can slow down aging with exercise, and studies have found there's a direct association between reduced telomere shortening in your later years and high-intensity-type exercises. Studies show that centenarians also report basic activities like walking, biking, gardening and swimming.

If you’re yearning to be 100 or more, it helps to know that centenarians also tend to manage stress in a productive manner, live independently, have strong family ties, a network of friends and a strong foundation of faith or spirituality.
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