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Shivering in the Cold? Exercise May Protect Against Muscle Fatigue

If the cold bothers you and you’re always searching for the best sweater or coat or jacket to stop your shivers, new research published in The Journal of Physiology shows that instead of something to cover up with, all you need is to move more. Specifically, exercise that builds up muscles in the limbs offers the best insulation against cold conditions, MedicalXpress reports.

It’s clearly stablished that cold weather is closely associated with your immune system, and with fall and winter coming on in the Northern Hemisphere, knowing how to boost your immune system is always the best way to prevent illness. A healthy immune system can counteract sources of stress in your body, including pathogens that can make you sick, so eating foods with certain vitamins, such as A, B and C, as well as minerals will help optimize your ability to fight illness.

Of course, optimizing your vitamin D levels is a core goal to fighting off colds, flu and other chronic illnesses, as is optimizing your gut health with good probiotics like those found in fermented foods. Getting good quality sleep is helpful, too, as a rested body can more easily fight infection.

Another component of fighting cold weather and the ill effects that come with it, as this new research indicates, is to get your body fit overall through exercise that strengthens and builds muscle. This has shown to be true no matter your age — it’s never too late to begin an exercise program, and studies show that fit older adults have stronger immune systems.

So, if you’ve been putting off exercise, now is the time to start. Begin by simply getting out of your seat more often. Park farther away from the door when you go to the store, and make it a point to add more steps to your day. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a good start for anyone, as these exercises can be tailored to your fitness level. Once you’re ready for it, my personal favorite is the Nitric Oxide Dump, which can be done anytime, anywhere.
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